The Sean Signature Collection, better known as the SSC was created by none other than the creative director, Sean Diamond of Toronto, Ontario. The SSC understands the power of visual art and uses it to creatively transform a session into an artistic experience for consumers, which they can cherish for a lifetime. The SSC specializes in photography, videography, cinematography, and directing.


Established December 7th, 2011 the SSC has been committed to creating and producing high-quality visual art. The philosophy at the SSC is simple, strive for excellence. Currently, the SSC is based out of Toronto but expects to expand to the US and eventually expand globally.


Inspired by some of the greats, the SSC hopes to open a studio space where aspiring creatives can not only reach their full potential in their art but collaborate and build lifelong connections through creative and visual art.

The Testimonials

Shaquira Miller

 "From the moment I started working with Sean it was a great experience. He really captures and portrays a side of you that you may not see through his work. He knows exactly what concept he’s working towards, but that doesn’t mean he doesnt allow you to give your input. You can already see his art is more edgy with storylines that have you thinking. Even though he’s serious about his work, there is never a dull moment on set with Sean! We come together to make meaningful imagery, it’s always my pleasure working with him; and I know he will excel drastically!"


- Shaquira Miller


Billium Banks

 "When I watched the Bank On Love music video directed by Sean Diamond, I knew this young up and coming videographer/photographer had lots of potential. When we first came together to discuss our futureproject, we immediately connected because of the similar vision we shared. However, when we were combining our ideas, there were a few times when both of our heads clashed because I wasn't able to comprehend his creative vision as a director. It wasn't until after I saw the finished product when I finally understood why we couldn't do certain things because it would ruin the continuity of our project.While working with Sean Diamond, I noticed that he is very serious and passionate about his art. He knows how to have fun when it's time to. However, when it's time to do business, he gets the job done. He's very familiar with objective shots, subjective shots, and master shots. As well as understanding the importantance of b-roll and capturing scenes from different types angles. I would strongly recommend any musical artist to work with Sean Diamond. Whether it's for a music video, a mixtape cover art, or a professional photoshoot. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors!"


- Billium Banks

Recording Artist/Engineer

Rosa Stylez

"My experience working with Sean has always been amazing . He always has been professional during our times together on set. Sean is always open to new ideas and feedback . From my time working with him as a stylist and creative director I believe He has evolved as not only a person but as an artist overall . His dedication toward his career is impeccable. What I like about Sean  is his positive aura he gives while working on a photoshoot . He always remains calm in a bad situation and makes sure to excute the ideas. Also, as stylist it's very important to have a strong communication with the  photographer when it comes to planning a shoot and putting things together and sean does make sure those are set and done prior to a shoot. I do recommend him as a photographer because he is amazing at what he does and I respect his consistency regarding his style. If someone showed me a picture and asked to guess the photographer I would know instantly that it his work or not."


 - RosaStylez 
Fashion Director/Stylist

Michelle Appiah

"Working with Sean Diamond is like working with a friend. He creates a leveled atmosphere where a balance of comfort and fun is always maintained. His level of professionalism is always top notch but shooting with him is also a wonderful experience. He’s accepting of who you are in your own skin and rocks with it. Very calm, cool and collected. I love shooting with him because when he has a vision he grabs it by the reigns andcaptures it. He knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it with you*. His visual prowess exceeds that of the average eye. My favorite thing about him is his ability to transform a regular image into something so powerful and captivating; that literally pulls you into his world, his perspective… be it the skyline of Toronto, a spectrum of towers or just nature itself. His brand, the Sean Signature Collection makes you want to be a part of an elite assembly. A regal collection of images that portrays the soul of him."


- Michelle Appiah


Kadina Diaz

"I have done three shoots with Sean in the past 3 months, and each experience is amazing. When he first approached me I was super excited because I had never modelled before. Even though I was nervous and unsure about what too do, he made me feel really comfortable. We became friends fast due too his humble and pleasant demeanour. He has helped me become super comfortable behind the camera, and each shoot we do outshines the last. Being on set with Sean is super comfortable because he is able too direct you and still be fun. Which allows me too show my personality yet achieve the shot that he's trying too capture. My favourite thing about modelling for Sean is how much fun we have on set, even though we are working."


- Kedina Diaz


Brandon Isaac

"First, I would like start of and say that I am glad to see that the website is up and running. Working alongside Sean Diamond, from the days in film school until now, has been nothing but amazing experiences. Within the video and photography field, it is of great honour to see him evolve substantially. Sean has proven that for every vision he has in mind, he is capable to fulfill it. People of his nature do not come around as often, and this is why I am not only proud to call him a business partner, but a true friend.
Congratulations brother!"


- Brandon Isaac


Kadesha Grant

"I've worked with Sean twice now and both times were such great experiences. He's all about his work, and making sure every picture comes out great. He has a keen eye for positioning, lighting and scenery. He makes me excited to shoot with him, the vibe is super cool and I know the quality of work will be exquisite. Down to the choice location, it's so unique and different that you already can tell it's going to be great. Sean's photography is dope, cool and edgy and I'm anxious for his upcoming projects!"


- Kadesha Grant

Recording Artist/Model